Magical Music Promotion Services

About Us

For many years, I was a highly rated, dedicated seller on Fiverr with successful long running gigs promoting people’s music, poetry and other artistic works on a couple of indie online magazines/blogs of mine. However, after seven years (and several hundred 5 star reviews of my gigs) I woke up one day and discovered that overnight, Fiverr had permanently disabled my account for a rather lame and dubious reason. Given the length of time I had been a member, I thought it would be simple to get it reinstated. Yet, when I politely contacted support to challenge the reasoning behind my account being disabled, I only received canned responses. So I decided I was just going to have to bite the bullet and create my own site to sell these services. The services offered on this site are pretty much identical to those I offered on Fiverr, though I plan to expand and continue to add new ones.

I have been blogging since 2001 and have been a writer since even before then. At the height of the dotcom bubble the late 90’s is when I got my start in internet marketing, building fan pages of pop music artists on Angelfire and Geocities, as well as creating mini search engines, mp3 sites and earning money from long defunct affiliate programs/ad networks like Contentzone, Standard Internet, Teknosurf and eAds. I even once received a check from All Advantage (the “Get Paid to Surf” company.)

Anyway, all we really do here is offer some simple write-ups and publicity for musicians and artists. The services we offer won’t make or break you, every little bit helps.

Why Wand.biz?

No real reason except that I owned this domain for a while and needed to find a use for it. I initially bought it a few years ago with the intent on using it as a social media network, but I decided that such a site would be too much of a pain to manage and moderate, as well as a legal nightmare. So, now I use Wand.biz for these magically minimal marketing services.